Don’t just look sophisticated… be sophisticated with the Vision 5’s. These frames have that classic and classy look with a hint of tech of course… why not? Just tap the side of the frames while you’re connect to your smartphone’s Bluetooth to listening to music.


You’re just arrived at the office; how cool would it be for you to just tap the side of your glasses to ask your voice assistance what’s your day looking like? Well, the Vision 3’s are a perfect fit for the scenario. They connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth for you to talk to your mobile voice assistance, listen to music as well as make or receive calls. These frame lenses can also be replaced with prescription lenses


Picture this, you’re in the middle of an important office meeting right, and your phone rings, distracting the entire room now everyone stops and stares at you with frowning eyes… Relax, you’ve got their attention, just double tap the side of your Vision 7’s  to answer the call and let them know you’ll call them back or triple tap to reject the call all done without you touching your phone. These frames can also be used with prescription lenses.


Image having your top let back as you approach the traffic lights, and a phone call comes through, and you answer it by double-tapping the side of your sunglasses… how cool will that be? You can experience that with the Vision 6’s as they allow you to answer/reject calls by just double-tapping the side of your frames. They also play music and allow you to connect to your smartphone’s voice assistance via Bluetooth. The frames come in clear lenses or black faded lenses.


The Vision 1’s are not just your normal pair of frames…No! There’re too smart for that. These smart frames allow you to connect your smart phone to, listen to music, make or receive calls as well as keep in touch with your voice assistance with just a simple touch on the side! Now tell me that’s not cool! These frame lenses can also be replaced with prescription lenses.


Ladies, you’re relaxing at the beach and your phone rings, but it’s somewhere deep in your bag… what do you do? Double tap the side of your glasses to answer the call, that’s what. The Vision 10’s come in two different frames; black or maroon frame with both having black faded lenses.